Dog Training Classes

This page is dedicated to one of the best dogs anyone could have ever asked for.  Our little Violet, passed away on Valentine's Day 2014. I feel this is the most appropriate day for her to have gone over the Rainbow Bridge since it is the "Day of Love" and she gave unconditional love to all of us.

Violet was a sweet pup who made me laugh so hard with all of her crazy antics over the years. She loved her tennis balls! We would throw that ball so many times that our arm would hurt! Vi loved to go for walks and she really loved to ride in our '66 Mustang.

That sweet girl was always by my side and would follow me everywhere.  I remember the day we brought her home ( all 4 pounds of her!) She was so tiny but quickly learned where everything was in our big house! I had so much fun working with her everyday and she amazed me at how quickly she learned things. Violet knew all of her cue's and knew many tricks--it was a blast training her!

A few years ago she began aging very quickly.  She developed fluid on her spine and had a bout of cancer.  Through it all Vi was very stoic and never complained about the immense pain that I am sure she was in. Vi was on several different medicines to help with her pain--but they took a toll on her as well. Towards the end it was very hard for her to get up and down even a couple of steps and her vision and hearing was diminished.  Violet was loyal to the end--she always came to the door to greet me, even if it was hard for her to get up.

I loved this little dog with my whole heart and miss her beyond belief.  I miss her crooked teeth smile, the way she smelled, her tiny little legs, the way she would snore, even the way she could clear a room with her gas!

I am a better person because of Violet.  She taught me patience and not to take life too seriously.  She was the inspiration for me becoming a dog trainer.  She humored me while I "practiced" on her and even when she became blind and deaf she taught me how to work with disabled pets.  Vi only asked for love and kindness which we all gave her--and she returned the love to us each and every day.

Run free now, my sweet girl! I know there is no more pain for you.  Find a great tennis ball and I will be there to throw it again some day--I love you, my Sweet Violet.